1 thaler 1-dodecanol 1-hitter 10-omino
11-plus 144 15 may organization 15 minutes
17-gon 1728 1880s 1890s
1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s
1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
1st lieutenant 2,6-diisopropylphenol 2-hitter 2-hydroxybenzoic acid
2-methylpropenoic acid 20-dollar bill 20/20 200 meters
200 metres 24-karat gold 2nd lieutenant 3-hitter
30 minutes 365 days 3d radar 3des
4-hitter 400 meters 400 metres 401-k
401-k plan 440 yards 5-hitter
5-hydroxytryptamine 5-omino 6-omino 69 position
7-omino 8-omino 800 meters 800 metres
802.11 880 yards 9-omino a battery
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush a capella singing a cappella a cappella singing
a hundred times a la carte a level a little thing in hand is worth more than a great thing in prospect
a million times a'man a-line a-list
a-team aah aardwolf aargau
aaron the priest aba aba cloth abadan
abalone abandoned industrial site abandoned infant abandoned ship
abash abashment abat-voix abatement of a nuisance
abatvoix abaxially abaxile abaza latin script
abbatial abbe condenser abdicable abdominal aortic aneurysm
abdominal stretch abdominocentesis abdominousness aberdare
aberdeen abeyance abidjan abience
abilene abiogenetic abiotic abipon
abipón abjectly abkhazian (georgian script) abkhazians
ablative case ablaut able seaman able-bodied seaman
abnegative abney level abnormal psychology abnormally
abo antibodies abolishable abolitionise abolitionism
abolitionist abolitionize abominableness abominator
aboon aborad abord about turn
about-turn above mean sea level abrader abridger
abrogate abruption abruptly-pinnate leaf abscission
abscondment abseiler abseiling absence rate
absence seizure absence without leave absent-minded absenteeism
absinthe oil absolute frequency absolute majority absolute monarchy
absolute scale absolute value absolutive absolutive case
absorbency absorbent material absorptiveness abstemiously
abstention abstinence abstract art abstract artist
abstract entity abstract noun abstractedness abstracter
abstractly abstractness abstractor abu
abu hafs al-masri brigades abugida abuser abydos
abysm abzhui abzhywa academe
academia academic costume academic degree academy of motion picture arts and sciences
academy of television arts and sciences acadia acadia national park acadian
acadian french acadjin acajou acanthocephalan
acanthoma acanthosis nigricans acarpous acarus
accelerando accelerating accent mark accentual system
accepting acceptor access code access control list
access point accessional accessory cephalic vein accessory fruit
accessory vertebral vein accidence accident surgery accident-prone
accidental injury accipitrine accommodating iol accommodating lens implant
accommodatingly accommodator accompanist accompanying vein
accompanyist accomplished fact accordance of rights accordingly
accordion door accoucheur accoucheuse account payable
accountable accountancy accounting principle accounting standard
accouter accoutre accretion accretionary
accretive accrual basis accumulator register accurately
accused accustom acebutolol acerate leaf
acervate acetabulum acetamide acetate disk
acetate rayon acetic acetone body acetum
acetyl chloride acetylenic acetylic achaemenid empire
achaemenid persian empire achenial acheson process achilles
achilles' heel achimenes achlamydeous achlorhydric
acholia achromatise achromatize achterhoeks
achterhooks achylia achylia gastrica acid anhydrides
acid halide acid hydrogen acid precipitation acid rock
acid-base balance acid-base equilibrium acid-forming acidic hydrogen
acidification acidimetric acidophil acidophile
acidophilus acidotic acidulousness ackee
acknowledgeable acl aclinic line acne rosacea
acold aconcagua acorn cup acorn-shaped
acousma acoustic delay line acoustic filter acoustic gramophone
acoustic power acoustic spectrum acoustic wave acoustical quality