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mcf-12f dmba mcf-12f mnu mcf-7 mx100 mcf-7 rr1
mcf-7 rr2 mcf-7 shparg mcf-7 tet-off mcf-7 tet-off advanced
mcf-7 tet-on mcf-7 tki-r mcf-7-6 mcf-7-red-fluc
mcf-7/6 mcf-7/az mcf-7/cg-4 mcf-7/mdd2
mcf-7/ru58r-1 mcf-7/s9 mcf-7/tmx2 mcf-7/tmx2-11
mcf-7/tmx2-28 mcf-7/tpt300 mcf-7_rr1 mcf-7_rr2
mcf-7_tki-r mcf-7az mcf-7r mcf.2 cell line derived transforming sequence-like b
mcf10a-myc mcf10amyc mcf10aneon mcf10at
mcf12fdmba mcf12fmnu mcf2lb mcf7 tet-off
mcf7 tet-off advanced mcf7 tet-on mcf7-red-fluc mcf7/s9
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