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formalwear formamidase activity formamide amidohydrolase activity formamide dehydratase activity
formamide hydro-lyase activity formamide hydrolase activity formate-dihydrofolate ligase activity formation by organism of haustoria for nutrient acquisition from host
formation by organism of haustorium for nutrient acquisition from host formation by organism of specialized structure for nutrient acquisition from host formation by symbiont of haustorium for nutrient acquisition from host formation by symbiont of specialized structure for nutrient acquisition from host
formation of a cell surface projection formation of actomyosin apparatus involved in cytokinesis formation of actomyosin apparatus involved in cytokinesis involved in mitotic cell cycle formation of dictyosome membrane priming complex
formation of germ tube tip of symbiont on or near the exterior of host formation of golgi membrane priming complex formation of oxidatively modified proteins during replicative cell ageing formation of oxidatively modified proteins during replicative cell aging
formation of oxidatively modified proteins involved in replicative cell aging formation of peptidyl-s-cyanocysteine formation of peptidyl-serine thiocyanate ester formation of radial glial scaffolds
formation of specialized structure for nutrient acquisition from host formation of symbiont germ tube hook structure on or near host formation of translation pre-initiation complex formation of translation preinitiation complex
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formimidoylaspartate deiminase activity formimidoyltransferase-cyclodeaminase-like superfamily formiminoaspartate deiminase activity formiminoglutamase
formiminotransferase catalytic domain formiminotransferase_cat formin homology 1 formin-mediated actin filament nucleation
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formylanthranilate formylmethanofuran dehydrogenase subunit c formylmethanofuran-tetrahydromethanopterin formyltransferase activity formylmethanofuran-tetrahydromethanopterin n-formyltransferase activity
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