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chitin disaccharide deacetylase activity chitin oligosaccharide amidohydrolase activity chitin oligosaccharide deacetylase activity chitin- and beta-glucan-containing cell wall
chitin-containing cell wall chitinase insertion domain superfamily chitinase_insertion chitinase_insertion_sf
chitmahals chito kawachi chitobiose amidohydrolase activity chitosamine metabolic process
chitosamine metabolism chitose bridge chitose-bashi chitosebashi
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chlorinated hydrocarbon breakdown chlorinated hydrocarbon catabolic process chlorinated hydrocarbon catabolism chlorinated hydrocarbon degradation
chlorine fluoride oxide chlorine heptoxide chlorine oxyfluoride chlorine-34m
chlorine-35 chlorine-37 chlorine-38m chlormayenite
chloroacetic acid chloride chloroacetic chloride chloroacetyl chloride chloroacetylcholine
chlorobiphenyl-chloroeremomycin chloroethoxyfos chloroethylphosphonic acid chlorofluoromethane
chloroiodane chloromethyl-x-rosamine chloroperoxidase-like superfamily chloroperoxidase-like_sf
chloroperoxidase_sf chlorophyll chlorophyll a breakdown chlorophyll a catabolic process
chlorophyll a catabolism chlorophyll a degradation chlorophyll a/b binding domain superfamily chlorophyll breakdown
chlorophyll catabolic process chlorophyll catabolism chlorophyll degradation chlorophyll_a/b-bd_dom