civilised civilized clean-handed cleared
cleft clinton close to cnidoscolus urens
coax cocos nucifera coherent cold-blooded
collinsonia canadensis comfy coming commove
compliance compositae comprehensive conceited
conciliatory confabulate confront congregate
conium maculatum consonant constitutional contention
contrivance coon coon cat cosmopolitan
counsel covering cpu cracking
cranky crevice crook crossing
crumple cryptical cucurbita foetidissima cultivation
cumulate cure curvy damage
datril dauntless daydream death
deceitful decelerate declarative definite
delayed dentaria diphylla deplete depreciate
desert desirable desperate despicable
detestable devour dictatorship diddle
digitalis purpurea dignified dinar discerning
discontented disdainful disgusting dish out
dismantle dispiriting disposable disregard
disruption dissipate dissolve docile
don dowdy downy dramatise
dramatize drenched dress down drivel
drone drudge drunkenness dual
duckbill dumpy dwell east indian fig tree
eastern eden education efficacious
emphasise emphasize empiric empirical
endeavour energizing english bean english plantain
english walnut equilibrium eruca sativa eruca vesicaria sativa
espouse eucharist eucharistic liturgy euphorbia pulcherrima
european bean european blackbird european sea eagle every which way
evidence evitable excrement exhibit
exile expire extirpate extravagantly
exultant exulting f f. d. roosevelt
fairy fall apart falsify falter
familial family arecaceae family graminaceae family gramineae
family palmaceae family palmae family poaceae farinaceous
fasten fatah revolutionary council fatah-rc favor
favored favour fdr feeble
felis concolor fere phenomenon ficus bengalensis ficus religiosa
fig filthy flack flagellate
flak flakey flaky flamboyant
flout foaming follow out follow through
follow up for sure forfeit forgetful
four franklin delano roosevelt franklin roosevelt fraternity
freeze french weed freshen frolic
frosty fukien fukkianese fumble
gambol gent gimmick glacial
glechoma hederaceae gloss go off go-cart
gob god tree gold good luck
gospel goth graminaceae gramineae
gravity greek valerian gsr guile
guiltless guinea pepper gutierrezia sarothrae gymnasium
habitual hadean aeon hadean eon hadean time
hairless haliatus albicilla hamilton haphazardly
happily harkat ul-ansar harkat ul-mujahedeen harkat-ul-mujahidin
harmonise harmonize heartbeat hedge
heliothis zia helpful hercules'-club heretofore
herschel high-flown hindustani historical
hoffmann hokkianese hold on holy eucharist
holy father holy sacrament hood hoodwink
hua humanitarian humorous hunger
huxley hyperotreta idealistic ignoble
illustrious imbibe immobilize immortal
impalpable imprecise impress improvident
in the main incessant incontestable increasing
indian banyan indian bean indian pink indiscriminately
indispensable industrial inexpressible ingest
innovation instruction insurgent intact
integrative intentional international system of units intersection
intrepid involvement ionic ipomoea fastigiata
ipomoea panurata irish irish bull irreverent
irritability irritable islamic group j
james augustus henry murray james augustus murray james murray japanese capital
jatropha stimulosus jatropha urens joe-pye weed john the divine