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formaldehyde by vis formaldehyde dehydrogenase activity formalness formamide metabolic process
formamide metabolism formamidopyrimidine forman forman gordon hanna
forman hanna formas format clock formate efflux permease activity
formate efflux transmembrane transporter activity formate metabolic process formate metabolism formate oxidation
formate secretion formate uptake transmembrane transporter activity formation by organism of syncytium involving giant cell for nutrient acquisition from host formation by symbiont of a tubovesicular network for nutrient acquisition from host
formation by symbiont of infection structure on or near host formation by symbiont of syncytium involving giant cell for nutrient acquisition from host formation of a compartment boundary formation of a symbiont- induced tubovesicular network for nutrient acquisition from host
formation of an anatomical structure involved in morphogenesis formation of an appressorium by symbiont on or near host formation of animal organ boundary formation of extrachromosomal circular dna
formation of immunological synapse formation of infection structure on or near host formation of mesodermal clusters formation of specialized structure for nutrient acquisition from other organism during symbiotic interaction
formation of specialized structure for nutrient acquisition from other organism involved in symbiotic interaction formation of symbiont haustorium neck for entry into host formation of symbiont penetration hypha for entry into host formation of symbiont penetration peg for entry into host
formation of translation initiation ternary complex formatting output specification instance forme fixe former arundel library
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formia amphitheatre formiae amphitheatre formiana ferruginaria formic acid anhydride
formic acid magnesium salt formic acid oxidation formic acid secretion formic anhydride
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formidabile formidabile-class ironclad formidable-class battleship formidable-class frigate
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formigg. formigueiros formiguinha formimidoyltetrahydrofolate cyclodeaminase activity
formimidoyltransferase activity formiminoglycine formiminotetrahydrofolate cyclodeaminase activity formiminotransferase activity
formin-nucleated actin cable assembly formin-nucleated actin cable formation formo parte del grupo mestizzo en 1999 en el disco el ruletero en lugar de claudia merino o yatana formononetin 7-o-rutinoside
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formulare formulation of the principles recognised in the london charter of the nürnberg tribunal and in the judgement of the tribunal formycin formycin a
formyl coenzyme a hydrolase activity formyl group formyl humanin formyl radical
formyl-5-hydroxykynurenamine formyl-coa formyl-coa hydrolase activity formyl-coenzyme a
formylaspartate deformylase activity formylisoglutamine formylmethionine deformylase activity formylmethionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine methyl ester
formylsilanetriol formánek forn. fornac.