look into look sharp loosely lopsided
lover low-set lower-ranking lowness
lummox lust luster lustre
lx lxxx mad apple magic trick
magnanimity magnificence magyar mainly
major tranquilizer major tranquilliser major tranquillizer make fun
make-up makeup malay mammy
mangonel mao mariner marked
marriage ceremony marsh mash-up mashup
mask mathematical maturate meaningful
measureless meek menorrhea mentality
meo kao merely meretriciousness merit
meshed mesmerise mesmerised mesmerize
mesmerized mesolithic message messenger rna
metacentric meter methanol methyl alcohol
metre mew michelangelesque mien
mil milk tooth millenary minacious
minatory mindful mineral minginess
misconduct misrepresent mississippi mist
mistrustful misused mitigated mocking
modify mollycoddle molt mom
momma mommy monacan monegasque
money box monger monotonic mordant
moss-grown mossy mostly motive
motor caravan motor coach motorhome motorial
motorized moult mourning movable
mrna mucilaginous muddiness muddled
mummy munificence muscle muskhogean
muskogean muss nagger nakedness
nana narrow minded narrow of mind narrowminded
nastiness national liberation army nauru nauseating
navigate nay neb nebuchadnezzar
nebuchadnezzar ii necessitous negociate negotiable
neophyte nerd nescient nestle
network neural neuroleptic neuroleptic agent
neuroleptic drug neutralisation never-ending newborn
niggardness night nightfall nitric
nitrous nominate non-jew non-poisonous
nonadhesive nonexistent nonintellectual nonpoisonous
nontaxable north korea norway norway rat
norwegian nosed not the sharpest tool in the shed nothingness
nozzle objectify objurgate obligated
obligation obscenity obscureness obstinacy
obstinance obstructer obstructive obstructor
occam's razor ockham's razor octad octonary
oddment ogdoad old man old salt
olympic games one by one ontogenesis ontogeny
onward open-eyed openhandedness or so
orgiastic orphic ostentate ostentatious
ostiary otherwise out of the blue outer
outing output over the moon overdraw
overhappy overseas overstate overweight
oxeye daisy palliate palliative palm
pancake panegyric pantie panty
pap paperback paradigmatic paramour
parasitical pardon particle partizan
partner pashtun pass out pastor
pathan pathological patois patriarchal
pay back pay heed paying pe miao
peasant peddler peeping tom peewee
peewit peh miao pendant pendent
penury people's republic of bangladesh pepper grass pepperwood
perambulator perch percolate peremptory
perfervid perforate perfume perfumed
perilous person perspicacious pertinacious
pesterer petroleum petting ph.d.
phial philippine photograph pickup
piece of cake piecemeal piggy pike
pillock pin clover pin grass pinwheel flower
piquance piquancy piquantness pitch blackness
pituitary placement plainly plausible
pledge plethora plonk plot
plushy pneumonic poke fun pompous
poo poonan poor fish porto rico
portuguese man-of-war positioning possessed possessive