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Wordseum: a museum of words.

People who like music collect songs, albums, lists, music from similar artists... In an analogic or digital support, music lovers have their way of making their own music museums.

People who like reading collect books, by author, by topic, by related genres... E-books or paper books are part of keen readers book museums.

We love words, the way they are written, the way they are related to similar words, the way they are used in texts, the way they represent different meanings, concepts and ideas... We also love languages. Wordseum is our way to make a collection related to words, a word museum.

Synonyms, meanings, usage of words in English, Spanish and Catalan

Wordseum opens its doors to the public with 3 languages (English, Spanish and Catalan) and thousands of words to explore. You will be able to search words and find different usages, meanings, synomyms, antonyms or related words for them.

This is just the beginning, we will keep extending our current collections, restoring and refurbishing them, adding new ones... And along our way, your feedback and contributions will be always welcome. Are you a word lover? Your are in the right place: Wordseum!